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Ordinary days

So I’m kind of a romantic at heart – I’m a sucker for a sweet story where you just feel happy for the main characters by the end of the book. I’m also a fan of historical fiction, particularly anything from 1920-1950 with World War II era being my favorite (For those of you who …

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Recent tragedies have left many shattered and aching. It seems almost incomprehensible that such horrors have taken place. I wanted to take a moment to let all affected know that thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. Sometimes all we can do is say nothing and cry. At The Gentle Reader, we are weeping …

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I’m Back!

It has been a while! So much has happened. As you can see, The Gentle Reader has a new look! I’ve been working really hard on these changes, and I hope you like them! I’m pretty excited. I feel like I’ve been able to add more personality to the site, and make it even more …

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My Favorite

This week I wanted to discuss my favorite book. Why? When people find out I love books and reading probably the most common question I’m asked is, “What’s your favorite book?” I would bet many of you have experienced the same thing. There’s something about wanting to know a person’s favorite….well, anything. It means a …

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The Game Plan

As I get things rolling with this new idea and space, I decided I wanted to explain a little more about what to expect from this website-and me. I’m the kind of person who occasionally likes surprises, but most of the time I like to know what to expect from people. I’m going to guess …

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Hello world!

Hello world! Seems like a typical greeting for a new blog or website, but when it comes to starting…I couldn’t think of any that fits my feelings better. There is something exciting about creating something new, and starting this makes me want to throw open my windows and tell the world I’ve FINALLY begun something …

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