Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

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First off, let me start by saying remember how I said I would try to post every week, but life sometimes happens? Well life happened, but I’m back and ready to talk books!

Last time I mentioned I would be introducing the children’s book that basically started it all for my family when I was growing up. In order to do this, I’m going to take us back to this moment in time. Okay, not the exact moment, but the approximate moment.

Allow me to take you back several years, when I was in kindergarten. It was book fair time (a time that I would look forward to for years to come), and my mom discovered a book with a sweet story and beautiful illustrations. She bought that book and so began my mother’s children’s book collection. Now we had other children’s books before this one, but this book is the book that ignited inside my mom a desire to collect children’s books. Books that would hold special places on her bookshelves and the hearts of many who read these books. The book that started it all? It’s called Something From Nothing.

Published in 1992 Something From Nothing is a Jewish folktale about a boy, his blanket, and his grandfather. Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for the mice. That is all I’m going to say about it. Wait, also know that the illustrations are lovely and it’s a heartwarming story. Okay, now I’m done. Why am I not saying anything more about this book? That’s simple, I want you to read it! Now, depending on the book, I will give a little more background, but this book? The story really speaks for itself. What I’ve said is really enough, and I just want you to read it.

To this day, I can still hear the different voices my mom used for the characters when she would read this book to us. I can close my eyes and see the illustrations, feel the emotions, and find meaning in the message.

My mom has never seen Something From Nothing at another book fair or sold at any bookstore. She’s kept an eye out for it. Her paperback copy is worn and falling apart, but she loves this book. When I was telling her that Something From Nothing was going to be the first children’s book I posted about, she immediately went to her bookshelf and retrieved it. I watched as she turned the pages with care and saw her eyes light up. Isn’t that what a great children’s book should be? One that stays with you over the years and has a special place in your heart?

Despite the fact that my mom hasn’t been able to find another copy of this book over the years, there is good news! You can now find Something From Nothing online! I highly encourage you to take a chance on this book. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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