The Game Plan

As I get things rolling with this new idea and space, I decided I wanted to explain a little more about what to expect from this website-and me. I’m the kind of person who occasionally likes surprises, but most of the time I like to know what to expect from people. I’m going to guess that those who are interested in this website might have similar feelings or ways of thinking. If you don’t, well, please bear with me. Don’t worry, we will start talking about books next week!

My plan is to introduce a new book each week. Some might be children’s books and others will be books I’ve read over the years-or recently. Basically, almost every week is going to be a book review. I say almost because I also plan to spend time occasionally talking about authors or literary genres. My hope is that discussion with you might also be generated, so I might take a week to focus on a comment from one (or some) of my readers. I want you to feel like you’re being heard too!

Children’s books I discuss will be moved to the “Children’s Corner” page of my website after the week it’s been posted on my main page. My plan for that page is to make it fun, and a space for kids and their guardians to go for easy access to book recommendations.

As I stated in my very first post, I ask for your patience as I am learning how to create a website. My plan is to post weekly. However, we all know that life happens. I will do my absolute very best to post each week. I’m excited to discuss books with you! I’m excited to share my love of books, and see what books interest you too. I have every intention of posting on a weekly basis.

I think that covers just about everything…for now. I don’t want to give away all of my ideas right off the bat! I’m sure new ideas will come up and I’ll want to discuss those ideas with you too (books made into movies discussion, anyone?).

Join me next week as I share the children’s book that kinda started it all for my family when growing up.