Hello world!

Hello world! Seems like a typical greeting for a new blog or website, but when it comes to starting…I couldn’t think of any that fits my feelings better. There is something exciting about creating something new, and starting this makes me want to throw open my windows and tell the world I’ve FINALLY begun something that has been a long time coming. In a way, beginning this website with “hello world” feels like I’ve thrown open my windows and shouted my news. So thank you for bearing with me through what is a rather cliché start.

Like I mentioned, this has been a long time coming. Thanks to my sweet husband, it’s finally begun. I was telling him my ideas one day, and before I knew it he had created this website and helped me get things started. Without his constant (a.k.a. daily) encouragement, this would still just be something I’d be thinking about. Please be patient with me as I will be learning as I go. I’m excited to have this new challenge and to learn new things, and I am aware it is going to be a process.

So, what, exactly is the purpose of this website? BOOKS! It’s a place to talk about books and literature. I want it to be a little more than that though. My hope is to share recommendations of books I’ve read, and eventually read recommendations from you, and then share the review of that book. I want to have this be a place for clean reads. Also a place to open my eyes (and potentially yours) to new places, people, and cultures. Literature gives us a chance to travel and experience, to learn and to grow.

But wait, there’s more! I also want to create a spot for children’s books. My desire is to create a space for guardians and kids to check out recommendations. I’ll give recommendations regarding books for toddlers all the way to tweens. Children’s books are where many begin their love of, or at least interest in, reading. So I want a dedicated place for this very purpose.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a loss for what to read next or what to read to kids. I’ll help out a little! This will be a fun journey and maybe it will just be a space for me to write out my thoughts regarding books and literature and that will be it. That is okay! I’m just excited to see where the pages of this website turn!

-The Gentle Reader